Ibiza Vs Vegas: Who wins?

Ibiza Vs Vegas has a kind of Batman Vs Superman feel about it. (I wonder if they’ll ever make a movie!). Two huge giants, both offering party goers an exciting opportunity to explore their deepest darkest desires, the Ibiza Vs Vegas debate rages on.

As a small, Spanish Island, Ibiza is regarded as the clubbing capital of the world. For decades this small island in the Balearics has dominated the clubbing scene, whether providing the world’s next summer anthem or propelling a new ‘unknown’ DJ into the spotlight, Ibiza’s dominance cannot be disputed.

However, Las Vegas, dubbed as the entertainment capital of the world, now threatens to dethrone Ibiza as the world’s leading party destination.  

Since World War II, Vegas has grown rapidly. Its lavishly decorated hotels and casinos are instantly recognizable the world over.

With world-class nightclubs such as XS, who has been named as the U.S’ top-grossing nightclub on several occasions, the Las Vegas party scene has become a Mecca for those looking for the ultimate nightlife experience.

With top international DJ’s such as Avicii and Tiësto regularly performing at many of the wondrous Las Vegas nightclubs, it’s easy to see why Vegas is giving Ibiza a run for its money.

With something for everyone, each Las Vegas club has its own unique atmosphere, whether they want to party underneath the Eiffel Tower at Chateau Nightclub & Rooftop or amongst actual circus acts at LIGHT, in Las Vegas, choice is King.

Las Vegas isn’t just about the nightlife though. With a series of striking indoor/outdoor venues, the Las Vegas daylife is just as impressive as the nightlife.

At 702ENT, we have a selection of packages to suit all budgets and desires. So whether you want to feel like a VIP in Las Vegas, or you simply want to experience the hot and sexy daylife, 702ENT has something for everyone. Get in contact today to find out more.

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