Raiders Update: Las Vegas Stadium Financing Sealed

Oakland Raiders administrators have stated the NFL that Goldman Sachs is dedicated to financing the team’s much anticipated domed arena in Las Vegas whether they have an investment from casino executive Sheldon Adelson, or not. This news update was discovered by the Las Vegas Stadium Authority board last Thursday.

702 ENT’s February Events’ Line-Up

With the first month of the 2017 being halfway through, 702 ENT wanted to inspire its existing and future clientele with a good line-up of the up and coming, hottest events that are happening in February in Vegas.

E-Sports on The Right Track to Developing into a $1B Industry

Not even 20 years ago, e-sports consisted of some dozens of select gamers assembling in warehouses to participate for modest-at-best prizes – sans the televised events. No live-streaming or uploading of tournaments to YouTube. What’s more, there was little to no fanfare.

Enter the Surreal World of SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

Beyond the a dripping wintery day in the desert, steps away, one can enter the steamy tropics of the new SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium. Boasting of a staggering 1,500 species on display – many under 100,000 gallons of water – the new Boulevard Mall attraction may be an educational experience for both kids and adults.

2017 in Vegas: Keep your Eyes Peeled for these Big Business Stories

It’s no doubt that 2016 has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride of a year when it comes to the entertainment industry and its losses. Some of us have never been so happy to bid farewell to such a tumultuous year. Yet to many, the more important thing to do is, to look forward, not backward.

The Top 7 Food Trends in Las Vegas

From sushi burritos to ramen and matcha. When it comes to gastronomy Vegas has it all. Las Vegas adopted all the biggest food trends of 2016 and made them bigger, better and even more scrumptious! Of course, as always, 702 ENT wanted to get in on the action and decided to list the top food trends, treats and restaurants that Las Vegas went crazy for this year:

Distillery Gives Go Ahead to Nevada with its Vodka and Whiskey

After spending seven years as a corporate lawyer on Wall Street, Jonathan Hensleigh, decided to try his luck as an action film screenwriter in Hollywood. Aaron Chepenik, aged 45, studied film in college in upstate New York. He did stretches in construction and truck driving prior to going into commercial real estate and later, the bar business in Los Angeles. Little did they know their paths would cross to co-own a successful distillery in Vegas…

702 ENT’s Vegas NYE Events’ Line Up

So what are YOU doing this New Year’s Eve? If we had to sum up NYE in Las Vegas, it would be in one word: Ludicrous. When we say ludicrous, we mean it in the best possible way, of course! With the whole Strip being shut down to traffic, it becomes like one epic block party for you and 300,000 of your closest drinking companions. That’s why we thought we’d give you a line up of the NYE events happening this year.

702 ENT’s Top Tips if you’re Spending NYE in Las Vegas

The mere thought of New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas can make anyone jump with anticipation at the prospects. The key to making NYE 2016 – 2017 in Vegas memorable and successful is planning ahead. So, if you’re choosing to join the masses ringing in 2017 in Sin City, 702 ENT has compiled a list of tips to help you feel prepared.

The Jeff Dunham Puppet Spectacle Scheduled for an Extended Engagement at Caesars

702 ENT is ecstatic to announce that Jeff Dunham, whose “Dear Achmed” Q and A session with his faithful confidant Achmed the Dead Terrorist puppet, debuts his “Perfectly Unbalanced” schedule from 8th March next year.

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